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Rebreather presentation

Shark Rebreathers are simple, reliable and highly customizable. This rebreather suits for all type of divers. Novice, advanced, tek or even cave divers will find in it a good mate for their dives.

Shark Rebreathers are especially appreciated for its performance and respiratory comfort. The most demanding divers will appreciate the following points for all their safety dives:

- The last electronic controller AV1 and its backup HUD

- Two separated manual gaz injectors

- A gaz off-board connector

- Its integrated constant mass flow injection



The Shark rebreather is very simple to use. With no useless gadgets, with just the essential to minimize the breakdown during your dives, the Shark Rebreathers has been designed to ensure you the best safety during your scuba exploration. Even the respiratory work has been improved during the design phases.


The Shark Rebreather was built on purpose to be robust. Indeed, an aluminum frame protects the entire rebreather. All the electronic components are casted in resin to be watertight. With this design approach, no water or moisture can enter through.


The maintenance of your Shark Rebreather is especially simple and fast. Before diving preparation and after diving maintenance are done in a short time. The rebreather can be disassembled in 3 parts: the electronic head, the protection frame and the canister lime.


To make you comfortable during your dives, you have a large choice of options at your disposal.

This will make sure that your new rebreather will suit you best.

Shark Rebreathers have also been designed for travelling by plane. With the appropriate options, it can be carried in your airplane luggage for your diving holidays.


Please see the configurations of the Shark Rebreather



The world is changing as the rebreathers diving. Compact but also adjustable for all kind of divers and dives, SHARK embrace a new era. A wise mix of technologies and a touch of design for always evolving toward the diving of tomorrow.


I have to admit that I have been impressed by the quality of the work done by its designer and manufacturer, Michael Fineschii, who has done about the hCCR Shark a protagonist of the future of the closed circuit's market.


Rebreather is a wonderful tool.It should be easy to assemble and maintain. During the immersion, you forget you are wearing a rebreather on your back. The breathing and buoyancy are natural, and the whole thing is very well balanced. In addition, with the ease of use, the Shark Rebreather is for all kind of practices, from leisure to extrem exploration.

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